Remote Control

BUILDAIR structures can be remotely watched and controlled by means of an Automatic Control System (ACS). The ACS performs a real-time tracking of all related parameters of BUILDAIR structures, reducing the costs of preventive maintenance, and maximizing the structural safety of the structure.


This ACS consists of different elements (several sensors, signal detectors, electrical controllers, anemometers, etc.), controlled by an on-site computer, which provides real-time online information about the structure performance:

  • Pressures of each tube
  • Electrical protections conditions
  • Inflation motors frequencies
  • Wind speed
  • Energy consumption (for automatic optimizing)
  • Fire detection system
  • Etc.


The ACS issues warning or alarm messages in case any element of the system fails (e.g., pressure drop in one tube, failure of the electrical protections of any inflation motor, very high wind speeds, etc.), to inform BUILDAIR staff and BUILDAIR client staff about any situation to take care of.


The ACS can be easily accessed by BUILDAIR clients from any computer or smartphone, in order to receive real-time information about BUILDAIR structure performance.