Satisfaction of our clients is BUILDAIR primary goal

From the initial contacts for information and quotation, until the end of the operation phase of our structures, BUILDAIR is always focused on complying with every client specific requirements, and providing an excellent first-class service.

Our experience in complying with very different requirements from the most demanding world-class clients (e.g., Airbus, Lufthansa Technik, Army Forces), together with our expertise in light structures (hangars, warehouses, field hospitals, etc.), confirm BUILDAIR is the best solution to provide you with the mst suitable light portable structures for your requirements.

Our comprehensive service concept includes the whole lifecycle of the project:
  • Design and Engineering of every structure by our engineering department, with in-depth expertise and many years of experience in textile arquitecture.
  • Technical Support to the client in order to prepare the location and terrain for the set-up of our structures
  • Manufacturing process, completely performed in our factories, maximizing the quality control of our structures
  • Transportation to the client location, manageme nt of the logistics involved
  • Set-up of the structure in the client location, and completion of all related issues before Entry Into Service
  • Training to the client staff for the proper operation of the structure


Complementary Systems




Set-up / Dismantling




Remote Control