Buildair has established its continued progression in a technological position is evolving, due to the participation in projects of national and international research. Our R & D has extensive experience in cooperation projects in different sectors to encourage technology transfer and the achievement of results in order to meet new market requirements. We currently are developing the following research projects:

National Projects

  • Air-Bridge – Development, validation and transfer to market of a prototype of AIR-BRIDGE for surface transport vehicles.
  • EHEA – Inflated energy self-sufficient.
  • MMEX – Mobile Multimedia Experience.


European Projects

  • Inflater – Development of a universal flood protection tool using the force of the water to Protect Against Floods.
  • ULITES– Ultra-lightweight structures with integrated photovoltaic Solar cells: design, analysis, testing and application prototype to an emergency shelter.
  • Hypermembrane – Demo – Demonstration of an adaptable structure for architecture applications.