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Hangar H54 Getafe

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June 2013

Lead time

6 months

The most challenging engineering project faced by BUILDAIR as of today, successfully accomplished on time, and complying with all our client requirements. As of today, this hangar remains being the LARGEST INFLATABLE STRUCTURE IN THE WORLD!!! The initially delivered structure (75m long, allowing to accomodate 1 Wide Body aircraft) was enlarged 2 years later, up to 110m long, allowing to accomodate 2 aligned Wide Body aircrafts (like Airbus A310, Airbus A400M, Boeing 707, etc.), and proving the total modularity of BUILDAIR structures.


  • 54 meters clear width
  • 110 meters length (extended from 75 meters in July 2015)
  • 23 meters clear height
  • Almost 6,000 m2 useful area, without inside columns (extended from 3.560 m2 in July 2015)


  • Worldwide record on inflatable structures: Largest inflatable structure in the world!
  • Inflatable Doors: Movable front door in one end, and apse-shaped shelter in the other, enabling Line / Heavy Maintenance tasks on aircrafts, even when on jacks.
  • Short Delivery Time: 6 months since contract signature to entry into operation.
  • Telematic Control System: Real-time access to all related parameters (pressures, wind speed, electrical protections, motors power, energy consumption, etc.),from any computer or smartphone.
  • Extendable for 2 Aligned Aircrafts: In July 2015, it has been extended, in order to accomodate 2 aligned aircrafts, instead of 1.
  • Easy Anchorage to Terrain: Without conventional foundation, expensive and time-consuming. Just anchoring holes.
  • Easy deployment on non-prepared terrains (emergency operations, etc.).
  • Quick set-up / dismantling operations (few days).
  • Very light components, easy logistics and transportation.