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Hangar H35 Desert

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Aircraft operator


August 2017

Lead time

3 months

Very quick deployment hangar, idoneous for military applications. Excellent portability and easy containerization (each hangar fits in 5 sea container 20 feet). Capability to be set-up on any ground type with minimum foundation requirements, anchored by means of resign bolts type.


  • 35 meters clear width
  • 36 meters length
  • 17,5 meters clear height
  • 1260 m2 useful area per hangar , without inside columns


  • Quick deployment hangars for military operations.
  • Short Delivery Time: 3 months, since contract signature to entry into operation.
  • Fast operation of the front door (pulleys-based system): opening / closing operations in less than 5 minutes each.
  • Very high resistance to environment. Withstanding desert summer harsh environmental conditions.
  • Telematic Control System: Surveillance of all operational parameters from any computer or smartphone.
  • Equipped with complementary systems: Cooling, lighting, etc.
  • Easy logistics: each complete hangar can be packaged in 5 standard sea container (20 feet).