Anywhere you need a coverage or a hangar, BUILDAIR structures can be used

BUILDAIR structures are completely portable: they can be packaged and transported within standard sea containers (20 or 40 feet), maximizing the transportation possibilities by sea or road. As well, additional pallets / packages options (e.g., standard air containers or pallets) are available.

Being the structural elements very light (e.g., fabric, straps, etc.), they are very light (less than 7 kg/m2 covered), and once folded, the volume is minimum: a H-20 hangar (20 meters clear width, 30 meters length) can be fit within 1 sea container of 20 feet.

BUILDAIR structures portability is maximized by the quick set-up & dismantling operations (few days, even for the largest structures), enabling great agility in deployment and removal, which eases military and humanitarian aid activities: military deployments, field hospitals in conflict areas, etc.

No large auxiliary equipments are needed.

The complete set-up process (transport – unload – deploy – inflate) takes just a few days: e.g., 25 days for the H54 hangar, 20 days for the H45 hangar, 3 days for the H20 hangar.