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Incorporated in 2001, and headquartered in Spain, BUILDAIR has become a world-class leading expert in textile architecture of large air-beam inflatable structures: portable hangars, quick deployment shelters, temporary enclosures, domes, pavillions, pneumatic bridges, several morphologies for corporate events, etc. We cover the complete lifecycle of the product, from the design to the integral support, including engineering, manufacturing and maintenance.

Our leadership in the inflatable architecture industry is well proven by our lates projects, including the biggest inflatable structure in the world! (See “Case Studies – Clients” section).

Together with our strong engineering know-how, achieved throughout our 15 years of growth, we have a wide experience on maintenance and on-site support to our clients, in several locations and for different types of inflatable structures. BUILDAIR enjoys a growing network of associated local distributors in different countries of Europe, Asia and America (check our “International Partners” section).

BUILDAIR textile technology is safe & affordable: it enables to comply with space-covering needs by means of safe and portable structures, with very short delivery and set-up timess, and at a very competitive cost.

The use of low-pressure inflatable technology is becoming more and more frequent in a wide range of industries (e.g., aviation, construction, defence, energy, etc.). The construction of an inflatable structure is an arduous task which requires great precision, experience and control. Every structure and hangar project must be carefully analysed, taking into account the specific requierements of the client, the terrain, the logistics and other variables which will influence the operational development of the structure once in operation.

  • WE GUARANTEE OUR PRODUCTS: Based on our expertise and engineering know-how (check “About our History” section), we can absolutely guarantee the structural stability of our structures, which is confirmed by the absence of any structural issue in any of our trustful built structures.
  • RELIABILITY IN OUR PRODUCTS: World-class companies (e.g., Airbus Defence, Lufthansa Technik, etc.) and organisms (e.g., Polish Army, etc.) have trusted in our structures to perform the maintenance on their expensive assets (e.g., aircrafts, helicopters, etc.).
  • CUSTOMIZABLE STRUCTURES: Our structures are 100% adaptable to the specific requirements of every client: sizes (width, height, length), colours, resistance to environmental conditions (rain, wind, snow, sand storms, etc.), diferent terrain types (concrete, hard soil, etc.), additional installations (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.), fire resistance of the materials, etc.
  • INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS: BUILDAIR is in charge of the complete lifecycle of the product: not only the supply (including engineering and manufacturing) but also the maintenance and technical support by our experts team, throughout the total life of the structure. Continuous support 24/7.
  • EXTREME PORTABILITY: Very short delivery times, no foundation required (just shallow anchoring systems), suitable for any terrain type (concrete, hard soil, etc.), weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, sand storms, etc.) or environment (desert, forest, airports, remote locations, etc.), extendable using additional modules, possibility to develop hybrid projects including additional elements (e.g., movable hangars mounted on metallic wheeled structures).