Material Specification

Frequently Asked Questions

Material Specification

Which is the textile used for BUILDAIR structures?

Woven polyester base cloth with PVC coating and a weld able PVDF finishing.

Which is the temperature range for BUILDAIR structures?

BUILDAIR structures are completely stable between –30ºC and +70ºC. If needed, extra-resistant materials can be used for very cold environments up to -50ºC.

Which are the available colours for the structures?

There is a wide range of colours available, please let us know your preferred option.

Is the textile used protected against solar radiations? Does it have UV protection rating?

The textile can be perfectly exposed outdoor for long periods of time, due to its excellent mechanical properties, including UV resistance. Please check following table for specific values:

Material characteristic Rating
Solar transmission approx (at 550 nm) 5%
Solar reflection approx (at 550 nm) 85%
Solar absorbtion approx (at 550 nm) 10%
UV transmission (<380 nm) 0%
What standards have the material been tested to?

  • DIN 4102-1 (Fire behaviour of building materials and building components – Part 1: Building materials; concepts, requirements and tests
  • DIN 53359 (Testing of artificial leather and similar sheet materials – Flex cracking test)
  • DIN 53363 (Testing of plastic films – Tear test using trapezoidal test specimen with incision)
  • DIN EN 410 8 (Glass in building – Determination of luminous and solar characteristics of glazing)
  • DIN EN 1876-1 (Rubber or plastics coated fabrics – Low temperatures tests – Part 1: Bending test)
  • DIN EN ISO 105 B02 (Textiles – Tests for colour fastness – Part B02: Colour fastness to artificial light: Xenon arc fading lamp test)
  • DIN EN ISO 1421 (Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics – Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break)
  • DIN EN ISO 2286-1 (Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics – Determination of roll characteristics – Part 1: Method for determination of the length, width and net mass)
  • DIN EN ISO 6946 (Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method)
  • DIN ISO 2060 (Textiles – Yarn from packages – Determination of linear density (mass per unit length) by the skein method)
  • EN 1049-2 (Textiles; woven fabrics; construction; methods of analysis; part 2: determination of number of threads per unit length)
  • ISO 14025 (Environmental labels and declarations — Type III environmental declarations — Principles and procedures)
  • EN 15804 (Sustainability of construction works — Environmental Product Declarations — Core rules for the product category of construction products)