Other industries

Due to their reliability and flexibility, BUILDAIR structures provided significant added values for the development and performance of different industrial activities:


Construction (manufacturing, storage, repair processes), mining, precast manufacturing, agriculture warehousing, solar plants manufacturing & repair, Oil & Gas prospection & processing, laying of train railtracks, coverage of water treatment plants, etc.


  • Engineered to resist very hard and changing environmental conditions: remote locations, extreme rains, winds, snow, sand storms, etc. No possibility of corrosion, due to the fabric materials. High-resistance flame-retardant fabric, which support to extinguish any flame, provides added safety if a fire occurs. Possibility to use fire-proof materials.
  • Suitable for different sizes, in order to accomodate from the smallest coverage for precast blocks manufacturing, to the largest coverages for water treatment plants.
  • Modular design: BUILDAIR structures can be enlarged, if the covered space demand changes in the future (e.g., to manufacture largest precast blocks or accomodate a bigger fleet of vehicles).
  • Suitable for different terms: from short term (few months, for specific repair works on a single location) to long term (Oil & Gas prospection campaign, erecting the facilities in different locations, with successive displacements of the installations and manpower).
  • Suitable for different scopes: manufacturing of construction pieces / precasts, repair of different elements (vehicles, solar panels, electrical plant modules), debris storage on mining extractions sites, modification campaigns, vehicles parking, components & bulk storage, movable coverages (for linear manufacturing works), etc.
  • 100% portable and easy to move: BUILDAIR structures can be erected in different locations, on several terrain types (concrete, hard soil, etc.), and the relocation expenses are very low when compared with alternative portable structures.
  • Variety of access elements: large hangar doors (high resistance to environmental conditions – fast operation), personnel doors, lateral doors, etc.
  • Additional installations can be provided: HVAC (heating, ventilation, cooling), lighting, fire protection, lightning protection, compressed air, etc. Any additional system in order to meet safety requirements or every client preferences.
  • Short lead time & set-up time: Allowing to comply with tight deadlines (new contracts, unexpected workloads, traffic peak seasons).
  • No foundation required: just a simple anchoring system, suitable for different terrain types (concrete platform, hard soil, etc), which represents important time & money savings
  • Translucent fabric structure, which allows to use daylight, and reduce energy consumption for the lighting system