BUILDAIR structures perfectly fit the typical requirements of military clients: high structural resistance, isolation from the external conditions, short lead times, ease to be set-up in any kind of terrain or remote locations, additional camouflages options, low weights and small packaged volumes, ease of use… As a summary: total flexibility.


Our structures can be used as ideal military facilities: military shelters, vehicles or aircrafts coverage, personnel & assets protection from the external conditions, easy-to-install repair facilities, troops barracks for remote locations, military equipment warehousing, command centers, etc. The structures maximize space and efficiency, are engineered to cope with extreme conditions like very strong winds and rains, or frequent sand storms, and can include accessories like automatic doors, emergency accesses, camouflage options, additional installations, etc.


  • Engineered to resist very hard and changing environmental conditions: remote locations, extreme rains, winds, snow, sand storms, etc. No possibility of corrosion, due to the fabric materials. High-resistance flame-retardant fabric, which support to extinguish any flame, provides added safety if a fire occurs. Possibility to use fire-proof materials.
  • Suitable for different sizes, in order to accomodate from the smallest coverage for vehicles, tanks or helicopters, to the largest coverages for cargo aircrafts.
  • Modular design: BUILDAIR structures can be enlarged, if the covered space demand changes in the future (e.g., to accomodate a bigger fleet of vehicles).
  • Suitable for different terms: from short term (few months, for specific repair works on a single location) to long term (miliary manoeuvres, erecting the facilities in different locations, with successive displacements of the installations and manpower).
  • Suitable for different scopes: repair of aircrafts, parking of vehicles fleets, camouflage of troops, components & bulk storage, command centers, movable coverages, etc.
  • 100% portable and easy to move: BUILDAIR structures can be erected in different locations, on several terrain types (concrete, hard soil, etc.), and the relocation expenses are very low when compared with alternative portable structures.
  • Variety of access elements: large hangar doors (high resistance to environmental conditions – fast operation), personnel doors, lateral doors, etc.
  • Additional installations can be provided: HVAC (heating, ventilation, cooling), lighting, fire protection, lightning protection, compressed air, camouflage fabric, etc. Any additional system in order to meet safety requirements or every client preferences.
  • Short lead time & set-up time: Allowing to comply with tight deadlines (military campaigns, unexpected workloads).
  • No foundation required: just a simple anchoring system, suitable for different terrain types (concrete platform, hard soil, etc), which represents important time & money savings.
  • Translucent fabric structure, which allows to use daylight, and reduce energy consumption for the lighting system.