BUILDAIR inflatable structures are the perfect solution for temporary and/or itinerant events, thanks to their adaptability, external visual impact and comfortable and customizable interior. Buildair currently offers different rental solutions, based on the use of modular structures, which can be erected separately or as a whole structure.


The variety of structures is wide: longitudinal structures, domes, combination of different shapes and architectures… Aimed to make your event something to remember for your clients.


Our pavilions and modular structures have been designed with versatility in mind, and can be adapted to any environment and space, improving the development of the event and adopting the form which best suits your requirements. Different setups and spaces can be covered by arranging different shaped modules. This takes BUILDAIR structures far from just being one simple tent, but large-scale aesthetical structures combining different shapes and architectures.


  • Engineered to resist very hard and changing environmental conditions: remote locations, extreme rains, winds, snow, sand storms, etc. No possibility of corrosion, due to the fabric materials. High-resistance flame-retardant fabric, which support to extinguish any flame, provides added safety if a fire occurs. Possibility to use fire-proof materials.
  • Suitable for different sizes, in order to accomodate all kind of corporate events.
  • Modular design: BUILDAIR structures can be erected independently or together, allowing to build different structures for each of your events, based on your specific requirements or the number of attendees.
  • Suitable for different terms: from short term (few hours, for small meetings) to long term (for large scale events).
  • Suitable to accomodate any kind of meeting, corporate or marketing event.
  • 100% portable and easy to move: BUILDAIR structures can be erected in different locations, on several terrain types (concrete, hard soil, etc.), and the relocation expenses are very low when compared with alternative portable structures.
  • Variety of access elements: personnel doors, lateral doors, etc.
  • Additional installations can be provided: HVAC (heating, ventilation, cooling), lighting, media (video, sound), flooring, etc. Any additional system in order to meet safety requirements or every client preferences.
  • Short lead time & set-up time: Allowing to comply with tight deadlines (unexpected events, many attendees).
  • No foundation required: just a simple anchoring system, suitable for different terrain types (concrete platform, hard soil, etc), which represents important time & money savings
  • Translucent fabric structure, which allows to use daylight, and reduce energy consumption for the lighting system. The structures fabric allows the sunlight to get through, creating a cozy diffuse light. At dusk, the effect is the opposite: the internal lighting system of the structure turn it into an appealing light object.