Industrial Storage

Industrial Storage

BUILDAIR structures provide a safe coverage for any industrial storage activity, in a comfortable, flexible and economic way:

  • From the storage of bulk components or mining camp debris, to the coverage of manufacturing and repair plants for large electrical plants modules, solar panels, water plants components, etc., including automotive testing & service centers, repair shops, logistics warehousing, shelters for rolling bridge cranes, oil & gas processing facilities, etc.

  • From short-term repair works to long-term manufacturing periods of large components

Our structures are 100% customizable for the specific requirements of every client: sizes (width, height, length), colours, resistance to environmental conditions (rain, wind, snow, sand storms, etc.), internal conditions (lighting, humidity, dust-clean environments), additional installations (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.), anchoring system for every terrain type (concrete, hard soil, etc.), fire resistance of the materials, etc.

BUILDAIR structures are designed based on proven-performance architectural inflated tubes, and provide extreme flexibility to the client, due to their very short lead-times, quick set-up times, portability and modularity:

  • Quick delivery: Some weeks, even for the coverage of manufacturing processes of large pieces, or large warehouses with rolling bridge cranes
  • Fast set-up process: From 1 day for small repair shops or storages, up to 3-4 weeks for large logistics facilities or large components warehousing
  • Portable: Due to the inflatable typology, the structures are very light and cheap to be relocated, and can be packaged within a few containers / pallets, easy to move by truck, ship or plane
  • Modular: BUILDAIR structures can be enlarged whenever needed (e.g., to accomodate increasing production or larger components)

Our structures can be used as permanent (several years) or temporary (few months) facilities, and for the performance of different activities: manufacturing, repairing, painting, assemblying, etc. This double versatility provides an unbeatable flexibility for different work terms (from months to years) and scopes (maintenance, manufacturing & assemblying processes, etc).