Higher Return On Investment

Higher Return On Investment

An affordable way to enjoy a safe and portable coverage or hangar structure, for any kind of industrial activity and usage term

  • BUILDAIR structures are cost-competitive, as acquisition & operational costs are lower than the alternative options:

    Investment can represent 15-25% of the investments for a traditional structure!!!

    Annual maintenance costs along the lifespan are really low (< 5% of the acquisition cost)

  • It is not economically worthy to build a fixed structure for very long terms (+30 years), which requires a huge investment:

    If the business is not guaranteed for such a very long period, or

    If there is the possibility to relocate the business in another location

Initial warranty term of 3 years in all BUILDAIR structures, extendable in successive 3-years terms, after analysis and rehabilitation works of the structures, if necessary.

For both situations, BUILDAIR structures represent the perfect solution:

  • low investmentAffordable Investment
  •  feasibility to transport the whole buildingEasy to transport
  • installations to different locationsFast and simple relocation

BUILDAIR structures cannot only cover small-medium sizes

but huge dimensions can be reached at a very affordable price:
more than 80 meters clear width (no columns inside), more than 35 meters clear height, and any length!!!