BUILDAIR hangars can be used to cover any vehicle or aircraft in a safe, comfortable, flexible and economic way:

  • From the smallest private aviation jets or helicopters, to the largest commercial aircrafts, including military vehicles, satellites, etc.

  • From quick repairs on small vehicles to heavy maintenance campaigns on large commercial aircrafts.

E.g., for the aviation sector, BUILDAIR hangars can accomodate any fleet:

  • Airbus: A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A32X, A330, A340, A350, A400M, C212, C235, C295, etc.
  • Eurocopter, Airbus Helicopters: NH90, Tigre, AS, EC, etc.
  • Boeing: B707, B717, B727, B737 (B737CL, B737NG), B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, C17 Globemaster, etc.
  • Agusta Westland helicopters: AW, Apache AH, ICH, etc.
  • Bombardier: Learjet, Challenger, Global, Global Express, XRS, C Series, C100, C300, CRJ, CRJ100, CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, CRJ1000, Q Series, DHC, Dash8, etc.
  • Boeing helicopters: CH47, Chinook
  • Embraer: E-Jet, E170, E175, E190, E195, E120, ERJ135, ERJ140, ERJ145, Lineage, Legacy, KC390, C390, etc.
  • Other helicopter manufacturers: Sikorsky, Mil, Euromil, etc.
  • Other aircraft manufacturers: Cessna, Antonov, ATR, Avro, Fokker, Gulfstream, Tupolev, Dassault, Lockheed, Alenia, etc.
  • Bell helicopters

Our hangars are 100% customizable for the fleets and specific requirements of every client: sizes (width, height, length), colours, resistance to environmental conditions (rain, wind, snow, sand storms, etc.), internal conditions (lighting, humidity, dust-clean environments), additional installations (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.), no foundation systems required (just shallow anchoring systems), fire resistance of the materials, etc.

  • customizable-icon100% CUSTOMIZABLE
  • installations-iconADDITIONAL INSTALLATIONS

BUILDAIR structures are designed based on proven-performance architectural inflated tubes, and provide extreme flexibility to the users, due to their very short lead-times, quick set-up times, portability and modularity:

Few months, even for the largest structures.

E.g., a hangar with 45m (148 ft) width and 62m (203 ft) long (around 2.800 m2 = 30,100 sqft), can be operative in around 3 months, much less than the lead times of alternative structures

Few months, even for the largest structures.

From 1 day for small helicopters shelters, up to 3-4 weeks for the largest comercial aircraft hangars

Few months, even for the largest structures.

Due to the inflatable typology, the structures are very light and cheap to be relocated, and can be packaged within a few containers / pallets, easy to move by truck, ship or plane

Few months, even for the largest structures.

BUILDAIR structures can be enlarged whenever needed (e.g., to accomodate more aircrafts positions)


Our structures can be used as permanent (several years) or temporary (few months) facilities, and for the performance of different activities: repairing, painting, parking aircrafts, etc.

This double versatility provides an unbeatable flexibility for different MRO contracts terms (from months to years) and scopes (line maintenance, heavy maintenance, modification campaigns, repair shops, etc).

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