Hangar Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Hangar Installations

Can BUILDAIR provide additional installations, like Cooling / Air conditioning and Heating systems?

The answer is yes. Due to the intended portability of BUILDAIR structures, we recommend also portable air conditioning / heating systems. Using air conditioning / heating systems similar as those used for fixed structures, is quite inefficient and more expensive than using portable solutions.

Depending on the air conditioning / heating systems to be installed, internal ducts to distribute the air throughout all the structure can be installed.

BUILDAIR recommend following installations, in order to achieve maximum portability, minimum cost, easy logistics and energetic efficiency, without reducing comfort environment for workers inside of the hangar.

  • Air conditioning: Portable water-evaporation units:
    • Immediate reduction of temperature by switching on the unit
    • The warmest external temperature, the higher cooling capacity
    • Additional humidity for dry environments
    • Energy cost around 80% lower than traditional cooling bombs
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Cooling can be located on every working area, without need to cool the entire hangar, with the consequent power consumption saving
  • Heating: Infrared heating columns:
    • Immediate increase of temperature by switching on the unit
    • Reduced space occupied, without refuelling or maintenance needed
    • Energy cost around 60% lower than traditional heating bombs
    • Heating can be located on every working area, without need to heat the entire hangar, with the consequent power consumption saving

Can the Heating and Cooling systems be controlled?

The trace and control functions of BUILDAIR structures installations (cooling system, heating system, fire detection, temperatures, energy consumption, etc.) can be included in the Automatic Control System, which can be customized for the specific requirements of every customer

Do BUILDAIR structures require a dual-wall construction for air-conditioning?

It is not required. The inflatable tubes work as air-filled isolating walls (from 2 to 7 meters, depending on the hangar size). This thickness provides good isolation from external weather conditions.

Which is the most suitable Lighting System to be used inside BUILDAIR structures?

As per our previous experience with customers, in the structures already in use (e.g., Airbus, Lufthansa Technik), BUILDAIR recommend portable lighting system, formed up by several indirect lighting columns, directed to the hangar internal walls, which will reflect the lighting all around the hangar interior.


Additionally, some direct lighting portable columns can be used on the work areas, in order to reach required luminosity levels.