Flexibility – Modularity

Flexibility – Modularity

No more flexibility can be achieved than with an inflatable structure like BUILDAIR’s

BUILDAIR structures can be as flexible, permanent and modular as you need them to be:

  • Whether your requirement is for the short-term (few months) or the long one (several years), BUILDAIR structures will provide the requested temporary-permanent structure you need

    If during the operation phase, you need to enlarge the structure, BUILDAIR will do it: just be adding additional tubes and relocating enclosures, BUILDAIR structures can be expanded, increasing the covered area as needed. Just an example: after 2 years of operation, our H54 hangar for Airbus was enlarged from 1 aircraft bay to 2

  • BUILDAIR structures have proven themselves in a wide range of different climates, from the coldest areas in Eastern Europe to harsh desert climates in Middle East, with the most suitable installations for each location (e.g., air conditioning, ventilation, heating, etc.)

    BUILDAIR structures are fully relocatable: they can be packaged and transported within standard sea containers (20 or 40 feet), maximizing the transportation possibilities by sea or road. As well, additional pallets / packages options (e.g., standard air containers or pallets) can be adapted

    As no conventional foundation is required (See specific Chapter, Shallow Foundation) BUILDAIR structures can be set-up in almost any kind of terrain