Field Hospitals

Field Hospitals

BUILDAIR structures can be used as field hospitals, medical facilities (surgeries, medicines warehouses), humanitarian aid housing and shelters, etc., in a comfortable, flexible and economic way, allowing to save not only time and money, but also lifes.

The exterior structure works as a shelter, and there can be many possible indoor scenarios: command centre, safe villages, field hospitals, etc.

  • From the smallest surgeries to the largest medical centers, including surgeries, indoor safe villages, medicines warehousing, etc.

  • From short-term support actions (natural disasters, medical campaigns) to long-term humanitarian aid periods (refugees on-site support, wars, etc.)

Our structures are 100% customizable for the specific requirements of every client: sizes (width, height, length), colours, resistance to environmental conditions (rain, wind, snow, sand storms, etc.), internal conditions (lighting, humidity, dust-clean environments), additional installations (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.), anchoring system for every terrain type (concrete, hard soil, etc.), fire resistance of the materials, etc.

BUILDAIR structures are designed based on proven-performance architectural inflated tubes, and provide extreme flexibility to the client, due to their very short lead-times, quick set-up times, portability and modularity:

  • Quick delivery: Some weeks, even for the coverage of large hospitals modules
  • Fast set-up process: From 1 day for small surgeries, up to 3-4 weeks for the largest medical and humanitarian aid sites
  • Portable: Due to the inflatable typology, the structures are very light and cheap to be relocated in any future disaster recovery location, and can be packaged within a few containers / pallets, easy to move by truck, ship or plane
  • Modular: BUILDAIR structures can be enlarged whenever needed (e.g., to accomodate increasing number of refugees or patients)

Our structures can be used as permanent (several years) or temporary (few weeks) facilities, and for the performance of different activities: refugees temporary sheltering, medical centers, temporary surgeries, etc. This double versatility provides an unbeatable flexibility for different work terms (from weeks to years) and scopes (humanitarian aid sheltering, medical support, etc).