On November 27th 2015, BUILDAIR has successfully delivered and put into operation 2 military hangars H-20 in Poland, to be used for parking and maintenance activities on military aircrafts and helicopters.

Each hangar dimensions are 20 meters clear wide, 32 meters clear long and 10 meters high, providing a useful area of 620 m2 each. The delivery time for the 2 hangars was 2.5 months in total.

BUILDAIR delivered both hangars in collaboration with SUMMIT POLSKA SYSTEMY HALOWE, a leader company on light and membrane covered structures sector in Poland and several other countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Both parties entered into a commercial agreement some months ago, being the referred 2 hangars the first successful outcome of such partnership.

Both hangars are extremely resistant to environmental conditions (waterproof, resistant to high wind speeds and heavy snow loads), and embody an Automatic Monitoring System, which provides real-time information about the operation parameters (pressures, wind speed, inflation motors), representing a continuous preventive maintenance.

This project increases the growing presence of BUILDAIR in the military maintenance area, which complements the current leadership of BUILDAIR in the sector of large inflatable hangars for civil aviation.

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