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Who are BUILDAIR main customers?

In aeronautical / MRO sector, our main customers are:

  • Airbus Defence & Space (former Airbus Cassidian). We have provided them several products:
    • H54 hangar (54 m clear width, 120 m length, 23 m clear height), currently located in their industrial plant in Madrid (Spain). Delivered in June 2013.
    • 4 units of H35 hangars (each of them 35 meters clear width, 40 meters length, 17 meters clear height), to be installed in Middle East area (location and final client cannot be disclosed yet).
  • Lufthansa Technik:
    • H45 hangar (45 m clear width, 62 m length, 18 m clear height), currently located in their industrial plant in Budapest (Hungary). Delivered in November 2014.

In Defence sector, our main customer is the Polish army, with 2 H20 hangars (each of them 20 m clear width, 32 m length, 10 m clear height), currently located in Poland. Delivered in November 2015.

Does any authorities and/or aviation approvals have been acquired by your company?

No building permits, licenses or approvals are required, due to the temporary portable typology of BUILDAIR structures. This allows to ease the delivery process and to reduce lead times, saving time and money.


Additionally, our H45 hangar delivered to Lufthansa Technik has been included in their EASA 145 approval, so civil aircraft MRO tasks can be performed inside of it.

What types and intervals of maintenance are required to keep the hangar serviceable?

Due to the real-time tracing of all involved parameters by means of the Automatic Control System, BUILDAIR structures maintenance is simple, and can be adapted to every client specific operation and peak seasons. As an example:

  • A daily-weekly external visual inspection
  • General inspection every 2-4 months by BUILDAIR staff
  • Detailed inspection every 12 months by BUILDAIR staff
Are there any special requirements for storage (humidity, temperature, UV protection)?

For storage periods up to 6 months, it is enough to keep the containers in a dry location, with normal range of temperatures, and protected from external weather conditions (any covered enclosure is enough).