Adaptable Maintenance

Adaptable Maintenance
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  • Maintenance of BUILDAIR structures is simple and cheap:
  • Annual Maintenance costs along the lifespan are really low (< 5% of the up-front payments).
  • The Automatic Control System (See Chapter “Services-Remote Control”) allows to perform real-time tracking of all related parameters of BUILDAIR structures (e.g., tubes pressures, wind speed, inflation motors operation, etc.), reducing the costs of preventive maintenance, and maximizing the structural safety of the structure.
  • About the physical inspections of the structures, there are several periodical ones (typically: daily, bi-monthly, yearly), being most of them suitable to be performed by BUILDAIR client staff, after receiving proper training during the initial set-up of the structures.

Thanks to the real-time tracking of the operative parameters, performed by means of the Automatic Control System, the periodical physical inspections can be reduced to a minimum quantity, and can be delayed or equalized if needed, based on the operative requirements of BUILDAIR clients: e.g., a yearly inspection can be delayed for some months if the client has operative restrictions